A Simple Pi Car with Web Interface

When I was young I took apart everything in the house to try and see how it worked. I later moved on to to building electronic contraptions. This has remained one of my favorite hobbies, tinkering and building.

I decided to build my oldest daughter a small car that she could control via an iPad or computer. The concept was simple: find a SBC that I could program to run a webserver and control the robot. In the past I’ve used Arduino for this type of project. The time I decided to check out Raspberry Pi.

Hands down Raspberry Pi is the superior choice. For $30 you get a powerful little computer running a linux distro, with on-board HDMI, four-USB ports and a bunch of other options.

The web interface allows the user to control the car by sending commands where you set the heading, direction speed and duration:

You can also queue-up commands and execute a “program:”

This article is just a quick summary of the car. You can download and install the repo yourself if you’d like to make one for yourself.

I’ll go into further detail in other posts which will discuss using Python to communicate with the motor hat via I2C.